Service Introduction
  Scarce components supply
  Excess inventory treatment
  Supply with reducing cost
  BOM supporting supply
  PCBA service
     Service Introduction

Mekco offeres all the process of supply chain procurement and inventory management services for international companies. We introduce the implementation of innovative solutions so that we could quickly satisfy personalized customer demand.

Mekco specializes in all kinds of active components (IC, memory chip, diodes...) and passive components (capacitance, resistance, inductance, etc) and mechanical and electrical components (connector, switch devices), etc. Our goal is to reduce the cost, provide the Omni-directional "one-stop" supply chain solutions of electronic components

Mekco solve customer’s all supply chain problems
A. shortage components: with the fastest speed and help you solve the shortage of trouble
B. stopped production components: global network for you looking for production elements
C. Excess inventory: perfect solutions to satisfy your inventory demand
E.BOM matching purchase and optimization
F. small batch purchasing services
G. global logistics services
H. market share information and data analysis

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