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  Scarce components supply
  Excess inventory treatment
  Supply with reducing cost
  BOM supporting supply
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     Excess inventory treatment

Excess inventory processing scheme
Mekco focuses on helping the world electronic manufacturing enterprise processing excess material inventory, helping clients to improve inventory, funds, reduce inventory management cost (personnel/sites/goods loss risk), and  increase the market competitive power.

Mekco is only for the global electronic processing enterprise whose electronic devices are from the original factory, agents, ensuring the acquisition electronic devices source and the guarantee quality. We will use the shortest period to realize your expectations, saving you time, at the same time, we strictly protect your electronic inventory information, to ensure that no disclosure.
We are an international professional electronic components factory inventory management experts. We have become a global electronic processing plant for electronic material inventory processing and a professional electronic components purchasing service provider. We not only help customer process inventory but also for solving demand of our customer, provides the most direct source and the security to protect the interests of both supply and demand.

Our inventory information are directly from electronic processing factory. Because we consider mostly the supply reliability of our customer, our products are surely competitive in the market, with absolute unmatched price advantage, quality advantage and flexible operation mode and the buyer’s consistent satisfaction.

Goal :

Should help clients to improve inventory, funds, reduce inventory management cost (personnel/sites/goods loss risk), increase the market competitive power.
Should provide logistics network, perfect professional distribution channel

Inventory dealing process:
1 > customers will send material inventory list to the Mekco. Mekco bid to clients according to the market price. If the customer accept, Mekco will purchase customer inventory material.
2 > inventory scheme: customer sign a consignment inventory with Mekco-- > agreement transportation to Mekco---> Mekco is responsible for warehousing and sales---> monthly inventory sales balance report to customers

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