In the realm of composite products there are many variables of influence: mix ratios, opentime, temperature, glass and resin selection, milthickness, material weights, cure time, hardness, tooling preparation, and staff experience are all part of the orchestrated dance known as composite fabrication. At MEKCO, we pride ourselves on blending the robust properties of composite products with the strategic and intentional design of our certified engineering staff.      

When you think of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), many thoughts can come to mind. Maybe it’s the tub/shower surround you stood in this morning or the boat you fished from this past weekend. Many of us come to take the uses of FRP for granted, because they have become part of our day-to-day lives. Just like there is a right tool for the job, there’s a proper FRP for the application. As you probably can image, not all FRP products are created equal.

At MEKCO, we take great pride in the quality of our final products. To ensure that finished quality, we need to be cognizant of all aspects of the FRP process, which begins with design.

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At MEKCO, we have three mechanical engineers on staff with over 40 years of combined manufacturing experience. Two of these engineers are certified SolidWorks Professionals. Our staff is trained to delve deep into the needs of your application. We may ask you questions about chemical exposure, anticipated snow and wind loading, interior temperature requirements, desired number of air turns, special electrical needs, and more. These answers will play into the forthcoming SolidWorks design of your building, enclosure, or custom product.


In the world of open-mold tooling, having a proper tool (aka mold) for the project is more than half of the battle. At MEKCO, we are proud to manufacture 100% of our custom tooling needs in-house. The experience of our model builders, coupled with our CNC and finishing equipment, make some of the most challenging tools a relative breeze. In an industry where most FRP tools are fabricated in months. MEKCO can make tools in weeks. Because we manufacture these tools in-house, we can also control the costs – passing that intrinsic savings onto you, our customer.


There is a reasoning behind the spacing and orientation of the 2x4’s (aka studs) inside the walls of your home. The engineering principle (the moment of inertia) of this configuration enables the walls to bear greater lateral and vertical forces. In much the same way, the trusses in your roof provide a resistance to an overhead loading (i.e. snow load). At MEKCO, we apply those same engineering principles to the fabrication of our FRP products. We integrate structural flanges in our walls, which induces an inherent moment of inertia. Our roof panels also contain structural truss members that provide for great rigidity and strength. 



MEKCO products are very much part of a larger project or build. We believe in thinking one level beyond our project scope, to streamline what happens upstream. We can provide instructional documents that showcase unloading and proper installation order. We do everything in our power to ensure that our customers appreciate and value their investment in MEKCO products. 


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